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National Instruments LabVIEW Education Edition

National Instruments LabVIEW Education Edition

The new National Instruments LabVIEW Education Edition software helps teachers bring STEM concepts to life through hands-on learning. This industry-standard NI LabVIEW (used throughout the engineering disciplines) includes modules for educational hardware, including these Vernier products

  • Go! Devices (Go!Link, Go!Temp, Go!Motion)
  • NXT Sensor Adapter
  • SensorDAQ

Full integration means that everything required for these Vernier products is included. Install NI LabVIEW Education Edition, connect the Vernier hardware, and begin running examples to:

  • Log and analyze data
  • Introduce engineering measurement and automation concepts
  • Build sensor-controlled NXT robots
  • Perform feedback and control
  • Introduce biomedical concepts with physiology sensors

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