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Vernier Grant Winner Harold Washington College

Did you have to walk two miles to and from school uphill each way? Neither did I. But I do remember the dark ages of 7th grade science class when I had to determine the pH level of various liquids using little strips of paper. The color of the paper indicated the level of base or acid in the liquid. (Discovering that milk is a base came in handy 10 years later when I burned my mouth eating a whole red pepper hiding in my Szechuan chicken dish and needed to offset the acid burn.)

Now, owing to the efforts of Professor Tom Higgins, those days of dipping little strips of paper may be gone forever, at least at our college. Harold Washington College has just been awarded a grant to purchase some really cool new electronic pH sensors, or a gas chromatograph, or a bunch of other snazzy new gadgets from Vernier Software & Technology.

Source: Don’s Desk

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