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Vernier Software & Technology Celebrates Three Decades of Steady Growth

David and Christine Vernier knew they wanted to do something big to mark Vernier Software & Technology’s 30th anniversary. They also knew it needed to top giving away one of the Beaverton company’s temperature probes to every school in the United States as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

Since supporting science, technology, engineering and math has been a cornerstone of the business since 1981, the Vernier team decided to give a $300,000 gift to educators.

In 2011, Vernier selected 30 schools to receive one of its 30th anniversary innovation grants of $10,000 worth of Vernier technology equipment of their choosing.

Source: Portland Tribute

Video Physics: A Winner

Greg Jacob blogged about the ease and usefulness of Vernier Video Physics:

As a testament to this app’s ease of use, I produced a useful video and graph within minutes of first opening the app, without reading any sort of instruction manual. Then, I showed my 8 year old how it worked. He spent a couple hours taking and analyzing videos, proudly showing his grandmother that the dropped ball was going 600 cm/s, but the dog’s nose only went 150 cm/s. I approve.

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