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Vernier’s New Buzz on the Roof

Vernier's bee hive

The new addition to our LEED building is a wooden bee hive with 3 pounds (about 10,000) bees! The new hive is mounted on our white roof. There was some concern that the bees might get hot in the summer, so the hive has a solar panel, thermostat, and fan that will turn on to bring in fresh air if the temperature gets too high.

Our bees seem to be doing well. We currently have a sugar water solution available for them in part of the hive. This is because there was concern that there might not be enough pollen for them in the early spring. They should not need that for long. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we will have honey to share with our employees.

In the future, we plan several additions to the hive. We hope to add a video camera so we can see the coming and going of the bees. We also plan to mount the hive on a Vernier Force Plate, so we can monitor the increase in weight as honey is produced. Thanks to Matthew Denton of our Software QA and Tech Support departments for all his help on this project.

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