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Connecting Math and Science with Vernier Probeware at Weilenmann School of Discovery

See how Vernier data loggers help students collect data so they can spend more time thinking about the science behind the data collection.

“There is the engagement factor and being able to feel like you’re really doing science and getting to ask and answer questions,” she (e.g. Megan Black, teacher at Weilenmann School of Discovery) said, adding that labs at the middle school level are mostly for student discovery.


LabQuest 2 User Manual

The LabQuest 2 reference guide is now available for download. This extended guide is a comprehensive resource that details the features, hardware, and software of LabQuest 2.

The PDF can be viewed on a computer, iPad® (via Safari or iBooks), or mobile device with a supported browser. We plan to expand and update the manual as needed. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Download the LabQuest 2 User Manual

Hands-On Review of LabQuest 2 and Connected Science System

Martin Horejsi, a blogger with NSTA, posted his first hands-on review of LabQuest 2. Martin took LabQuest 2 to the geyser basin at the Old Faithful complex of Yellowstone Park to collect temperature and pH levels. He watched the data stream on his iPad from a safe distance as the probes collected data from various geysers and hot pools.

We found the LabQuest 2 an impressive combination of capabilities further dissolving the interference of the operation of the technology while preforming real-time data collection.

It seemed obvious that the LabQuest 2 would be a real game changer in the data collection space, but after our field test, it seems more that the LabQuest 2 has invented an entirely new game. However, ultimately it falls on the teachers and students to truly imagine the potential of this technology. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that human imagination is the main limit of Vernier’s Connected Science System right now.

Read Martin’s first impressions at NSTA’s blog »

Vernier Grant Winner Menominee Indian School

“These things are far outpacing anything I could do with just talking to the students about it or show them classroom examples,” Starr said. “We’re able to do a lot more hands-on experimentation, opening up their minds and their eyes to the things in science they can do through technology. Otherwise, it’s too much theory and not enough action.”

Source: The Shawano Leader

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