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Bronxville High School Using LabQuest 2 This Fall

In The Bronxville Daily Voice, Charles Ippolito, chair of the science department at Bronxville High School, says that students typically collect data and later input it into a computer. The LabQuest 2 systems will allow the students to send recently collected data to their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. They also can share their data right away. It grants immediacy, allowing the children to work from home after school.

“It’s sharp,” Ippolito said of the LabQuest 2. “Big things are going to happen.”

Source: Bronxville Daily Voice

Scholastic Tech Tools Gives LabQuest 2 an “A”

I used the system for several weeks to do everything from analyzing the motion on a swing and watching the voltage of a battery decline to monitoring the light of a sunset and taking longitude and latitude locations fixers in conjunction with sound and light readings. Its ability to grab data and analyze it is without comparison in such a small unit.

Source: Scholastic Tech Tools

New Discussion Forums

Vernier’s new discussion forums are a great place to get technical support, trade and sell Vernier equipment, and more.

Here are the new features:

  • Single user sign-on. Now you can use your Vernier web account for ordering and when discussing topics in the forums.
  • Stronger spam protection. Vernier will moderate posts for inappropriate or spam content.
  • Mobile-friendly. The forums are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Start or join a conversation today in the discussion forums »

Tech & Learning Reviews LabQuest 2

“Vernier’s LabQuest 2 can build interest in science, make experiments come alive, and deepen understanding of complex concepts. The affordable handheld tool supports student-centered, inquiry-based learning, high-end data collection, and critical analysis as budding scientists use real tools to conduct real-time investigations of natural phenomena.”

Source: Tech & Learning

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