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Custom Calibrate Your Vernier Sensor

Most Vernier sensors come with a stored, factory calibration that works well for the majority of science classroom experiments, particularly those that look at relative changes. However, if you have an experimental application that requires an accurate, absolute value, you may want to perform a custom calibration. This custom calibration does not need to be repeated each time you use the sensor because you can store a calibration to an individual sensor. That means that every time you connect the sensor to any Vernier interface, the sensor will be ready to use the custom calibration.

For chemistry, biology, and water quality, some sensors that benefit from performing a custom calibration include

For physics, you may want to calibrate

To perform a custom calibration, you will need some kind of external references, such as known, good pH buffer solutions. For more information, follow the instructions at

To store the custom calibration on your sensor so it will be used every time, follow the instructions at

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