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Logger Pro Now Offers Digital Filtering and New Digital Control Unit Options

Logger Pro 3.8.6 offers new calculated columns. All are digital filtering functions, designed to improve and clarify the display of sensor data. The high-pass filter reduces the effect of a varying baseline on signals, improving data such as that from the EKG sensor. The low-pass filter reduces distracting, rapid variations in signals. Both filters have adjustable cutoff frequencies. The time-decay filter applies a simple adjustable time constant to the data, smoothing out rapid fluctuations while preserving long-term trends.

The Digital Control Unit is an accessory popular with those doing engineering and STEM activities. It offers digital output lines that can be used to control motors, lights, and other parts of a project. Logger Pro now offers more detailed control of the lines, allowing for more sophisticated projects to be constructed. For example, one can now enable independent digital lines to sensor data based on multiple logical comparisons, such as IF and AND, time, and fixed values.

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