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Encouraging Young Engineers

Vernier teamed up with a local organization, the Business Education Compact (BEC), to bring the joy of engineering to local students at Vose Elementary in Beaverton, Oregon. Volunteers from Vernier spent time in the fifth-grade classroom answering the questions, “What is engineering?” and “What do engineers design?”

Students at this neighborhood Title I school then had the opportunity to build a Tower of Power, test how much load their structure could hold, redesign, and then rebuild.

Volunteers from Vernier included Dr. Elaine Nam, Kristen Nelson, John Tate, Felix Rodriguez, Joe Sauer, Pam Lam, and Daylene Long.

Dear Vernier Engineers,

I didn’t know engineers made such simple things like chairs and tables. I really, really enjoyed having you in our classroom. I think engineers are sooooo cool, because without you guys we wouldn’t have parks or houses.

I might want to be an engineer when I group up, so that I could invent or make better stuff.

Geavanna A

Dear Vernier Engineers,

I had a very fun time building the towers. You guys coming into my class was something I’d been waiting for. It was really fun getting to construct shapes and build a tower. My group really messed up but we learned a lot. I really appreciate you guys coming.

After you guys came I’m now considering being an engineer in the future. I love constructing things. Since I had so much fun the day you guys came to my classroom, I think one day I would really enjoy being an engineer.

Anna R

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