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NSTA Reviews Logger Pro 3 and Go!Motion

NSTA recently reviewed our Logger Pro 3 software and Go!Motion sensor in their publication, The Science Scope. Reviewer Seth Guiñals-Kupperman praised the system’s ease of use and versatility.

“Between the interface to the software and number of possible applications, this is one of the most modular and versatile tools of scientific investigation a physics teacher is likely to encounter.”

“Putting it all together, if you want a device that just
works for you, no questions asked, I would strongly recommend the Go!Motion sensor from Vernier. It’s great as a stand-alone product because of its USB functionality, but will also be backwards compatible if you do have older Vernier hardware on hand. Logger Pro allows students and teachers to have a very straightforward analysis of the data you collect in lab. It’s a lot of bang for the buck, and a site license costs as much as do many companies’ single-user licenses. Not only that, but when you call tech support, you might even be speaking with Dave Vernier himself.”

Read the full review from NSTA Recommends

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