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2013 Vernier/NSTA Technology Award Winners

Seven educators were awarded for their innovative use of data-collection technology in the science classroom at NSTA 2013 National Convention in San Antonio. Each of them were recognized at the convention and received $5,500 for their submissions, which included water quality testing with remotely-operated vehicles, studying the effects of UV radiation on bacterial cell growth, and investigating photosynthesis and respiration rates of local agricultural crops.

See the winners and their submissions »

Using Logger Pro 3 with iPad®, Android, and Other Mobile Devices

Logger Pro 3 streaming data to iPad and mobile devices

Logger Pro 3 is now part of the Connected Science System®! That means that you can wirelessly share data from Logger Pro to iPad, Android tablets, most smartphones, and even other computers.

What’s the best part? Most schools won’t need to spend a dime to implement this feature. For schools using older Vernier technology with Wi-Fi enabled computers, you can now stream data from Logger Pro 3.8.6 to iPad and other mobile devices by enabling Data Sharing during the installation process. Because Logger Pro is the Data Sharing source, you can use a LabPro, original LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, or even a Go!Link to share data with an iPad or other tablet. Your existing computers, interfaces, and sensors can all work with the latest devices.

With Data Sharing enabled, Logger Pro 3 can share data using the Vernier Data Share web app, allowing students to use a compatible web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, to wirelessly collect, view, and analyze sensor data. Most Android tablets, smartphones, the iPod touch, and even other computers will work with Logger Pro. Point your browser to Logger Pro, and see your own graph of the current data. Rescale, perform curve fits, and do other analysis on your own without affecting the graphs or data on Logger Pro.

Interested in a native iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android app? Graphical Analysis app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, can receive data from Logger Pro on your mobile device. Once on the mobile device, the data can be analyzed and studied independently of what’s going on with the data on the computer. Graphical Analysis can store experiments for later analysis, so students can collect from several sources and then work on analysis later.

Logger Pro 3 with Data Sharing enabled gives you new options for getting data in your students’ hands. But, there are other cool things you can do with the Vernier Data Sharing feature and Logger Pro:

  • Share data from your demo with a whole classroom. Students can analyze data individually or in small groups, all on their own devices. This is perfect for interactive engagement or flipped classrooms.
  • Share any lab group’s data with the whole class. Did group three do something awesome? Project it to the class by viewing the data in a browser on your instructor computer.
  • Monitor a long experiment in the basement—no need to go check on it.

Of course, LabQuest 2 can also serve as a Data Sharing source and share data in the same way.

Data Sharing requires a Wi-Fi network that can be joined by both the computer or LabQuest 2 sharing data and the students’ devices. For more details on network requirements, see our user manuals.

Two Vernier iPad Apps Win BESSIE Award


Two of Vernier’s iPad apps have received BESSIE awards for best educational software.

The awards target innovative and content-rich programs (including apps for iPad and Android) and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. Winners are selected from titles submitted by publishers worldwide.

Source: ComputED Gazette

Graphical Analysis for iPad 1.4 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Graphical Analysis 1.4! The free update is available from the App Store.

The focus of this update is to make Graphical Analysis even easier to learn and to use.

  • Quick Tips: Access tutorials on key features from the Settings view.
  • Re-designed toolbar: Easier access to Data Sharing sources and status.
  • Scan Source QR: Easily connect to LabQuest 2 source by scanning QR code.

Many additional improvements:

  • Improved source connectivity
  • Visual enhancements: Various refinements to look and feel of graph elements.
  • Larger, more readable text
  • High-resolution Camera Roll export
  • Various refinements to the behavior of graph elements
  • Various performance improvements

Learn more about Graphical Analysis for iPad »
Download Graphical Analysis for iPad from App Store »

Spring 2013 Caliper

In the latest edition of The Caliper, we’re showcasing new products and experiment ideas in time for spring.

  • Using Logger Pro 3 with iPad and Mobile Technologies
  • Vernier Radiation Monitor
  • Control a Servo Motor with LabQuest
  • Vernier Engineering Contest Winners
  • Investigate Halogenated Alkanes with the Mini GC Plus
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Using the BlueView Transilluminator
  • Using the Goniometer to Measure the Height of Trees
  • Analysis of Barefoot Running with the Goniometer
  • Vernier/NSTA Technology Award Winners
  • Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry iBook
  • Job Openings at Vernier

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