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AAPT Meeting in Portland

Ballet dancer jumping off a Force Plate
Ballet dancer jumping off a Force Plate

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) had their annual summer meeting in July in Portland, Oregon. Vernier Software & Technology was actively involved. We had several workshops at our office, gave dozens of office tours to teachers, and sponsored the picnic and the demo show.

Logger Pro Used to Graph Browser Tabs and Battery Life

Rhett Allain from Wired conducted an experiment on browser tabs and battery life on a laptop. He used a Watts Up Pro to collect energy usage data in Logger Pro.

Graph showing declining battery life with increasing browser tabs open

Read the full article at Wired Science Blogs.

Logger Pro 3 Added to Connected Science System for Data Sharing

For teachers, the enhancement means the ability to share their demonstration data, or a lab group’s data, with the whole class, or remotely monitor lengthy experiments being conducted outside of the classroom.


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