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Vernier International Guests Map Their Journey from the Oregon Coast

Vernier international dealers

This summer, 43 international representatives from 26 countries and six continents visited Vernier headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The three days they were here were spent learning more about Vernier products, learning how other countries market Vernier products, and traveling to Oregon’s scenic coast.

The return journey from the Oregon coast with the international guests was mapped with the built-in GPS sensor on LabQuest 2 and the Vernier Barometer. Altitude and GPS data were imported into Logger Pro 3 and then exported to Google Maps. The altitude was color-coded on the map. The color-coding feature that applies graduated color to your exported map can be activated during the export process.

Data collected on the journey to the Oregon coast
Data collected on the journey from the Oregon coast
Color-coded altitude data on Google Maps
Color-coded altitude data

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