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NSTA Reviews Optical DO Probe

But what if dissolved oxygen could be measured as easily as we measure temperature complete with auto-detection of the sensor and no calibration necessary? Not only would we take more DO measurements in more places, but we would also greatly expand our field of study both figuratively and literally!

Now just such a probe is now available! Vernier Technology has an Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor that uses a luminescence-based optical oxygen sensor that makes taking DO measurements so easy that students can venture into previously uncharted territory to collect data.

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Physics with Vernier, Second Edition

Physics with Vernier cover image

We are excited to announce the release of Physics with Vernier, Second Edition. Although the experiments are the same, the content has been updated significantly. Changes include:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Experiments for more Vernier sensors and accessories (including Vernier Projectile Launcher and Optics Expansion Kit)
  • Improved Preliminary Questions to help get students thinking about the activity
  • Time estimates for each experiment
  • Improved instructor pages, including more equipment and data-collection tips, as well as new sample results

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Vernier iPad Apps Featured on Tech Edge

Watch a brief episode of Tech Edge, iPads in the Classroom, showcasing Video Physics and Graphical Analysis for iPad.

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