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LabQuest 1.7.1 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for Original LabQuest. The version 1.7.1 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Potassium ISE support
  • Vernier Motion Encoder System support
  • PAR Sensor support
  • Emissions Spectrometer support
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer support
  • Implemented Selected Events mode option to collect and plot sensor data vs. time
  • Added Integral function to calculated columns
  • Updated the CO2 calibration
  • Added the ability to reverse the Wireless Dynamics Sensor System force and acceleration sensors
  • Implemented the ability to set up and save a Data Matrix file without having to collect any data
  • Set the trigonometric function calculations to use angle measures in degrees when using the Goniometer
  • Supports all Thermocouple temperature range calibrations
  • Ocean Optics spectrometers now work when localized into a language that uses a comma as the decimal separator
  • Improved LabQuest GPS data export to Google Maps from Logger Pro
  • Added support for additional HP printers

Download LabQuest 1.7.1 Update »

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