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Tech Tip: Choosing a Spectrometer

Vernier offers a number of spectrometers. Which spectrometer is right for you? This is an important question. The first step begins with identifying the applications for which you want to use your spectrometer. We offer spectrometers that measure absorbance, fluorescence, and/or emissions.

We sell two visible-range spectrometers that can be used to study compounds that absorb light from 380 to 950 nm. SpectroVis Plus, a great, budget-friendly option, offers fluorescence capabilities with excitation at two different wavelengths, 405 and 500 nm. The Vernier Spectrometer, powered by Ocean Optics™ technology, is an excellent choice for college chemistry.

Do you study absorbance spectra of compounds in the ultraviolet range? Check out the new Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. With the UV-VIS Spectrophotometer you can monitor the rate of a reaction or collect data for an absorbance vs. concentration experiment for compounds that absorb light in the UV and visible range (200 to 850 nm). UV-VIS Spectrophotometer specifications and free, downloadable experiments can be found on the UV-VIS Spectrophotometer product page.

If your application involves looking at emissions spectra from light bulbs or gas discharge tubes, you may be interested in the new Vernier Emissions Spectrometer. The Vernier Emissions Spectrometer gives precise measurements over a range of 350 to 900 nm.

If you remain undecided about which spectrometer would be the best option for you, watch our Tech Tips video, “Which Spectrometer is Right for Me?

And, of course, if you continue to have questions, feel free to call and ask for a chemistry specialist.

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