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New Design for the Drop Counter

Vernier Drop Counter's new design

Our popular Drop Counter has a new look for 2014! The Drop Counter is commonly used with sensors such as the pH Sensor and Conductivity Probe to automatically record the volume of liquid added to a mixture. The redesigned Drop Counter is better than ever, with new features that improve its overall ease of use:

  • The wider drop-detecting area is able to record drops at rates as high as six drops/second.
  • A new red LED blinks each time a drop is detected, providing confirmation that all is going well.
  • The Drop Counter still has two sensor slots: The smaller slot can now be adjusted to accommodate a variety of temperature probes and thermometers, as well as to help position the probe or thermometer properly. The larger slot fits most stick-type sensors, from pH Sensors to Ion-Selective Electrodes to the Dissolved Oxygen Probe.
  • The updated ring stand clamp allows for a wider range of ring stand sizes and for clamping to a lab

The Drop Counter is an integral part of several of our acid-base titration experiments. Check out Experiment 24 in Chemistry with Vernier, Experiment 7 in Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, or Experiment 17 in Investigating Chemistry through Inquiry.

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