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Vernier Volunteers with Restoring Ecosystems, Educating Future Conservation Leaders (REEF)

Salmon River Estuary on the Oregon coast
Salmon River Estuary on the Oregon coast

Vernier specialists, Colleen McDaniel and Kristen Nelson, volunteered their time to instruct students from Taft High School in Lincoln City, Oregon, about sampling water quality with LabQuest 2 at nearby Crowley Creek. Crowley Creek feeds into the Salmon River Estuary and provides an excellent opportunity to educate students about water quality.

Students used the Optical DO Probe, pH Sensor, Salinity Sensor, Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, and PAR Sensor to sample water directly in Crowley Creek. This was an introduction to hands-on water investigations they will experience later in class. Chemistry teacher, Dustin Quandt, will be working with almost 100 students to monitor different locations contributing to the Salmon River Estuary throughout the rest of this school year. He reached out to the REEF program to establish this outdoor field trip for his students.

The Restoring Ecosystems, Educating Future Conservation Leaders (REEF) program is an educational partnership developed by Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council to protect and restore local watersheds, to provide environmental awareness, and to provide conservation career development. REEF is collaborating with the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Ocean Literacy Initiative to deliver watershed science programs and watershed field trips for students at Taft High School.

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