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Tech Tip: Summer Storage Tips

Packing up your Vernier equipment for storage over the summer? Here are a few tips to ensure proper storage over summer break:

  • Turn your LabQuest 2 or original LabQuest completely off and disconnect from the Charger. In sleep mode, the battery drains much more quickly than when the unit is all the way off. To fully shut down, press and hold the power button for a full five seconds until LabQuest 2 displays the Shutdown message or an original LabQuest displays a black screen. If your school storage area is especially hot when the air conditioning is off for the summer, we recommend that you keep them in a location that remains cooler.
  • Store your pH Sensors and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Sensors vertically in the storage solution provided. The storage solution needs to be replaced once a year, and replacement solution can be purchased, if needed. If the solution looks cloudy before vacation, it is probably best to change it before you leave.
  • Make sure no liquid (either in a cuvette or spilled) is inside your Colorimeter.
  • Store your Oxygen Gas Sensors upright using the 250 mL Nalgene bottle that was shipped with the sensor.
  • Make sure your Dissolved Oxygen Probes are completely dry after emptying the filling solution and rinsing the sensor electrode and cap.
  • Keep your Ion-Selective Electrodes in the humid environment of the storage bottles in which they were shipped. If the sponge at the bottom of the storage bottle has dried out, simply add a few drops of distilled water.

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