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Tech Tip: Maintaining Your Sensor Cables

Using sensors day after day with several classes results in wear and tear on your equipment. We try to make our equipment sturdy enough to use for many years, however, cables sometimes get frayed with frequent use.

You can help prevent premature cable breakage through proper cable wrapping and preventative maintenance. First, sensor cables should not be wrapped around the sensor. While it might be tempting to wind the Stainless Steel Temperature Probe‚Äôs cable as tightly as possible around the shaft, or to wind the Photogate cable tightly around the Photogate, this can lead to premature fraying and breakage. See proper cord storage techniques FAQ »

What if your cables start to fray? You need to prevent further damage. While we do have a generous five-year warranty on most of our products, frayed cords are not an item we repair. One solution is to wrap a sticky and unsightly blob of electrical tape around the fraying portion. A neater solution that we have found is to use sugru®. Sugru is a moldable silicone rubber that cures in about 24 hours. Follow the directions on the package. Mold the sugru around the frayed portion of the wire and let it cure. Your wires should last you a while longer this way!

Frayed cables fixed by sugru
Frayed cables fixed by sugru
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