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Introducing LabQuest Viewer® App for iPad

LabQuest Viewer for iPad

The LabQuest Viewer app is our latest app for iPad. Designed to be used by teachers, LabQuest Viewer allows you to view and control any LabQuest in your lab, and when using your iPad with a projector, display the LabQuest screen to the entire class. This is a perfect tool for whole-class demonstrations and student-led discussions. You can interact with the view on the iPad or the LabQuest from wherever you happen to be in the lab. You can also use the LabQuest Viewer app during labs to monitor student progress, identify when individual lab groups are struggling, and take advantage of teachable moments as they happen.

How is LabQuest Viewer different from Graphical Analysis?

While LabQuest Viewer and Graphical Analysis both interact with LabQuest 2, they do so in completely different ways. LabQuest Viewer is a tool for the teacher that enables direct interaction with a LabQuest—changing views, modifying settings, and interacting with data—on an iPad. You have the same screen layout and feature set as a LabQuest because you are monitoring the actual LabQuest screen. All of the data are stored on the LabQuest, not the iPad. This means that any change made affects everyone interacting with that LabQuest. Graphical Analysis is a student lab tool that brings a copy of data collected with a LabQuest to the iPad. Control of the LabQuest is limited to starting and stopping data collection (if enabled); all other settings are changed through direct interaction with the LabQuest. Graphical Analysis has its own view of the data, allowing a student to change their view as needed without interfering with anyone else’s view of the data.

Can you use both LabQuest Viewer and Graphical Analysis?

Yes. These apps can be used together, allowing you to demonstrate the complete data-collection interaction all from the same iPad. There is no better tool than LabQuest Viewer for teaching your class how to use LabQuest for data collection. In particular, LabQuest Viewer gives you the additional freedom to move about the classroom while maintaining the ability to monitor what your students are doing. Likewise, there is no better student tool than Graphical Analysis for data analysis with Vernier sensors on an iPad.

Limited Time Back-to-School Pricing

Get LabQuest Viewer app for iPad for only $4.99 in the App Store. Offer good until October 31, 2014.

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We will be closed on August 21 to allow our employees to enjoy the Great American Eclipse.