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NEW Fan Cart for Physics

Vernier Fan Carts

A new Vernier Fan Cart with high accelerations, variable mass, variable thrust, and variable thrust angle is now available for your dynamics system. Use this cart to study constant acceleration with your students without the confounding second dimension sometimes introduced by a cart on a ramp.

In order to create the highest acceleration possible from a fan cart, we put our superb low-friction wheels on a big fan. This construction keeps the total mass low, resulting in high acceleration. A high acceleration means that data are clean and graphs are clear, with friction easily ignorable. Three speeds are available to study acceleration as a function of force. Even better, you can turn the fan at an angle to the direction of travel, allowing students to experiment with and understand force vector components.

Two mass trays and included masses make it easy to change the mass without changing the thrust force. We include a sail attachment so you can test your students with the fan-on-a-sailboat puzzle.

Our new Fan Cart can be used with the standard Motion Detector and a Vernier Dynamics System, or you can get the Encoder Fan Cart to enjoy the simple and super-clean data from our Motion Encoder System.

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