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Tech Tip: LabQuest 2 and Chromebook: A Powerful Pair

LabQuest 2 wirelessly streaming temperature sensor data to a Chromebook

Using Chromebooks in your science lab? LabQuest 2 provides real-time data sharing to Chromebooks for every lab group. Connect any of more than 80 compatible sensors to LabQuest 2 and instantly share data to a Chromebook, along with any other device with a browser. No account login or app download is required; Vernier Data Share web app is served directly from LabQuest 2 and is available at no cost.

Students can analyze and annotate the data and save graphs or CSV files for use in other applications, such as Google Docs and Sheets or Plotly.

After class, students can finish their lab write up in offline mode. Vernier Data Share allows students to access their latest experiment and all the analysis, annotation, and export tools, even without access to LabQuest 2 or the Internet.

For more on using LabQuest 2 with Chromebooks see

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