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Tech Tip: Which Vernier Dissolved Oxygen Probe is Right for Me?

Student investigates primary productivity with the Optical DO Probe
Student investigates primary productivity with the Optical DO Probe

Let’s start with the answer—the Optical DO Probe is right for you. It’s faster and easier to use than the traditional Dissolved Oxygen Probe. With no filling, warming, calibrating, or stirring required, there is significantly less prep time and fewer ways to go wrong with the Optical DO Probe. As a result, students get better data. This ease of use also allows students from every age group, from elementary to university, to accurately measure dissolved oxygen concentrations in water.

As a bonus, we are extending the warranty on the Optical DO Probe Replacement Cap from one year to two years. This change is retroactive, so anyone who has already purchased an Optical DO Probe is grandfathered into this free extended warranty.

So why would anyone choose to buy the traditional Dissolved Oxygen Probe? One reason may be because it is less expensive. We understand budgets are tight. But this is one case where you might want to consider buying fewer Optical DO Probes in order to stay under budget. With no prep work or calibrations to complete, student groups can easily share.

The decision is yours, but when we need to measure the dissolved oxygen concentration in the Vernier office fish tank, we reach for the Optical DO Probe.

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