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Video Physics Gets Supercharged with Object Tracking

Track an object in Video Physics with the touch of a button
Track an object in Video Physics with the touch of a button

If you like physics and you have access to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you probably already know that the Vernier Video Physics app is the best way to grab high-quality video in the field and to easily perform powerful analyses of the motion of an object. Using the multi-touch interface, students can quickly track an object frame by frame, generate graphs of the motion, and even export to Graphical Analysis for powerful tools like linear and quadratic fits. Video Physics has won multiple awards and appreciation from teachers and students for its power and value.

This fall, Video Physics will become even more powerful, with the addition of automated object tracking. Highlight an object, tap a single button, and watch as Video Physics tracks the object frame by frame. You can still fine tune the tracking manually.

Download Video Physics today on the App Store. Video Physics with Object Tracking will be a free update to all users later this fall.

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