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A Chemistry Department’s Epic Transformation

LabQuest 2 and LabQuest Viewer Established in North Park University’s New Science Laboratories

LabQuest 2 with a Sound Level Meter measuring the accoustics after sound cloud installation
The Nancy and G. Timothy Johnson Center for Science and Community Life

North Park University, located in Chicago, Illinois, recently added a three-story 101,000-square-foot science building, named The Nancy and G. Timothy Johnson Center for Science and Community Life. The new building fully integrates LabQuest 2 and the Connected Science System into its laboratories.

“When I came to North Park [University] in 2007, the department had inadequate facilities. Despite strong teaching, the department was small with only two faculty and averaging about one major per year,” says Jonathan Rienstra-Kiracofe, Professor of Chemistry. “My goal was to transform the department into the chemistry department that North Park and its students desired. We’ve come a long way in 7 years. Vernier LabQuests have been an important part of our transformation.”

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New STEM Extensions

STEM extensions provide a way to take an existing Vernier science lab experiment and easily incorporate STEM. Use sensor data, the Vernier Digital Control Unit and Logger Pro software to quickly create sensor-based control systems.

We’ve added three new extensions to incorporate STEM in your curriculum:

Logger Lite 1.8 Update

We’ve released the latest version of our introductory data-collection software.

What’s new:

Update your Logger Lite software to version 1.8 »

2015 Vernier Engineering Contest Winners

Vernier Software & Technology is committed to helping educators develop the next generation of engineers and scientists. To show our support, Vernier recognized three instructors with the Vernier Engineering Award for creative uses of Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts or engineering practices.

This year’s winners include a hot pocket robot, a staple light bulb, and a solar oven.

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Connect Go!Temp® Directly to Your Chromebook

Temperature data with Go!Temp and Chromebook

You can plug Go!Temp directly in to the USB port of your Chromebook and use our free Graphical Analysis for Chrome app to collect and analyze temperature data.

To get you started, a sample activity from Elementary Science with Vernier, written for Chromebook, is available for download. The download includes student instructions in Microsoft® Word® format and instructor information in PDF format.

Download Are We Cool or What? activity

LabQuest Viewer 2.0 Update

LabQuest Viewer 2.0

LabQuest Viewer 2.0 for Windows and Mac is now available for download. Version 2.0 features:

  • New My Lab view displays live images of all LabQuests in your lab.
  • My Lab Setup allows you to add, arrange, and remove LabQuest devices in My Lab.
  • Persistence of My Lab setup and software size/position values between sessions.
  • Previous/Next buttons support quickly moving through LabQuest units while presenting.
  • Select up to four LabQuest for side-by-side screen comparison.
  • Full software support for Mac OS X 10.10.

LabQuest Viewer 2.0 is a free update to all LabQuest Viewer for Windows and Mac users.

Download the update »

Vernier at NSTA 2015

Visit booth #1244 to enter to win a Go Wireless Temp–Vernier’s rugged, easy-to-use, wireless temperature probe.

Be sure to attend any of our free workshops during NSTA to get hands-on training and expert demonstrations on how to use Vernier technology in your classroom. Check the schedule to see the our sessions during NSTA.

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