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USB Digital Microscope

USB Digital Microscope

The Vernier Biology Department has been on a continuous quest to uncover new, exciting, and affordable tools for biology teachers. Our newest offering is the USB Digital Microscope that works on Chromebooks and with Logger Pro software on a computer. This 5 MP digital microscope connects to a computer or Chromebook via USB, giving you a live image that is very similar to what you would see with a traditional dissection microscope. It features a 10–300X lens with manual focus and an adjustable LED light source. In addition to capturing still images, you are able to record short videos and time lapse sequences.

USB Digital Microscope
Lichen image captured with the USB Digital Microscope

Included with the USB Digital Microscope is an adjustable stand that, in conjunction with the manual focus, allows you to change the plane of view you are looking at on the screen. With a fast response time and high resolution, you can get very clear images that are easy to display, save, and place directly into lab reports. This new tool offers a world of possibilities for you and your students to explore.

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