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Water Quality with Vernier Lab Book Update

Water Quality with Vernier

After many years, we are happy to announce the second edition of Water Quality with Vernier. This updated version has many improvements that we think instructors will appreciate. This is our first book with instructions for using LabQuest with Data Matrix mode—a mode designed especially for field work. While many of the tests are familiar, they have been updated to incorporate new sensors, such as the Vernier Optical DO Probe, that have been developed since the first edition of the book.

Water Quality with Vernier still incorporates the nine tests used to calculate the Water Quality Index, along with nine additional tests, giving a full picture of the health of the water being tested. Some tests have been improved to make them easier, while others have been updated with current research techniques in mind.

Other changes include

  • Two new tests: “Physical Profile of a Lake” and “PAR Attenuation”
  • Enhanced Instructor Information sections, including updated data-collection tips and time estimates for all tests
  • Revised data-collection sheets
Water Quality with Vernier
Dissolved oxygen, temperature, and flow at a stream site

If you already own a copy of Water Quality with Vernier and would like the updated files of the student pages, email us at We will send you a link to download the updated student files. If you’d rather have a printed copy that includes the updated student and teacher pages, appendices, and a CD, a new copy can be purchased online.

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