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LabQuest 2.6 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.6 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest 2 users.

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Sensor Support
  • Data collection with Go Wireless® Link*
  • New Camera App that supports image capture using Celestron Digital Microscope Imager or USB Digital Microscope
  • Added support for sensors from Qubit Systems
  • LabQuest 2 Quick-Start Guide available electronically on LabQuest 2
  • EKG sensor data filtered by default to reduce noise from AC adapter
  • Vernier Data Share web app updated for better Chrome Browser support
  • Added generic print drivers that support a wider selection of printers
  • Improved system stability after reboot (version 2.6.1)
  • Improved system stability with Networking (version 2.6.2)
  • Improved system stability with Networking (version 2.6.2)
  • LabQuest Update improvements (version 2.6.3)
  • Email support for emails that include international characters (version 2.6.3)
  • Data Sharing web server improvements (version 2.6.3)

* Older LabQuest 2 units (Model: LabQuest2) require a Go Wireless USB Radio.

Download LabQuest 2.6 Update

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