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What Vernier Technology is Available for Biochemistry?

Analysis of Precutlambdadna

If you teach biochemistry, you will find numerous Vernier experiments and products that can fit into your curriculum. Common experiments performed in introductory biochemistry labs include acid/base chemistry and buffer preparation, protein and enzyme purification, enzyme activity assays, analysis of carbohydrates and lipids, and gel electrophoresis. Experiments that cover many topics, such as the examples in the following table, are found in the following lab books: Advanced Biology with Vernier, Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, and Organic Chemistry with Vernier.

Topic Vernier Equipment Experiment
Acid/base chemistry and buffer preparation pH Sensor Experiment 19 from Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, “Buffers
Gel electrophoresis Vernier Blue Digital Bioimaging System Experiment 6B from Advanced Biology with Vernier, “Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA
Enzyme activity assays Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer “Malate Dehydrogenase Enzyme Assay,” available for free download.
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