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NEW Graphical Analysis for Chrome Update

This version adds the ability to perform custom two-point and one-point calibrations, sensor zeroing and sensor reversal. With the ability to calibrate, the app now supports a number of new sensors, including the ion selective electrodes. Other added sensors include Wide-Range Temperature Probe, Sound Level Sensor, Goniometer, and Ethanol Sensor.

You’ll recall that the previous versions added support for data collection using LabQuest, LabQuest 2, and LabQuest Mini, including control over rate and duration for time-based data collection, triggering, and support for fast data collection such as the microphone. You can use the Motion Detector. EKG, Stainless Steel Temperature, and Surface Temperature are supported. Data Share sources are listed by name, so no more typing IP addresses. A new graph/table combo view is available. Events with entry data collection is available. See the full list of compatible sensors

As before, the app will update itself if you log out and log back into your Chromebook. If you delete your old app and reinstall, you’ll also delete any stored data.

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