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  • A Perspective on Motion Sensors and Free Fall

    Derrick E. Boucher; American Journal of Physics. 2015, 83, 948–951.

    Those of you who use Motion Detectors frequently, especially for studying free-falling objects, may find this article enlightening. It is a detailed study of how the horizontal position of the object relative to the Motion Detector can introduce an error in measured accelerations. The errors can make the measured accelerations slightly high.

  • Workshop Physics and Related Curricula: A 25‑Year History of Collaborative Learning Enhanced by Computer Tools for Observation and Analysis

    Priscilla W. Laws; Maxine C. Willis; and David R. Sokoloff;
    The Physics Teacher. 2015, 53, 401–406.

    This article describes the 25-year history of development of Workshop Physics and RealTime Physics and their influence on physics education around the world. We are proud to have worked with the authors for all of those 25 years.

  • The Atwood Machine Revisited Using Smartphones

    Martín Monteiro; Cecilia Stari; Cecilia Cabeza; Arturo C. Marti;
    The Physics Teacher. 2015, 53, 373–374.

    A smartphone is used to enhance a classic physics experiment. The phone is used as the weight on one side of an Atwood machine, and it also measures the acceleration. Our Graphical Analysis app is used to graph and analyze the data. The authors demonstrate that you can nicely show a linear relationship between the mass difference and vertical acceleration.

  • Turn Your Smartphone into a Science Laboratory

    Rebecca Vieyra; Chrystian Vieyra; Philippe Jeanjacquot; Arturo Marti; and Martín Monteiro; The Science Teacher. 2015, 82, 32–39.

    This article explains how to use the accelerometers in your smartphone to do a number of great physics experiments, including measuring the acceleration due to gravity, studying acceleration in an elevator, or measuring centripetal acceleration on a turntable. The best way to analyze the data collected this way is to use our Graphical Analysis for iOS or Android. Both apps are free downloads.

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