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LabQuest Stream Now Shipping

LabQuest Stream

The Vernier LabQuest Stream is now shipping. This brand new wireless and USB sensor interface expands data-collection possibilities in science and STEM classrooms by allowing students to collect scientific data from multiple sensors with a mobile device, Chromebook, or computer.

Ken Royal of Balefire Labs highlighted the LabQuest Stream in the recent article, Enhance STEM Teaching & Learning with Vernier Products:

“Today it’s even easier for students to experiment and gather scientific data in real time by using Vernier’s newest equipment, like Vernier’s LabQuest Stream sensor interface. With it, teachers can purchase and plug in the right sensors for whatever type of student lab they’ve designed and assigned.”

LabQuest Stream’s five sensor ports are compatible with a wide array of Vernier sensors for conducting multi-variable experiments and data-logging activities. Students can use LabQuest Stream with Vernier Graphical Analysis apps, Logger Pro, and Logger Lite software to collect and analyze data.

Watch it in action in this Tech Tips video:

Logger Lite 1.9 Update

We’ve released a new version of our free, introductory data-collection software.

What’s new:

Update your Logger Lite software to version 1.9 »

Logger Pro 3.11 Update

Logger Pro 3.11 is now available for download. Version 3.11 features:

Logger Pro 3.11 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

Download the update »

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