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Digital Control Unit with LabQuest App 2.7

LabQuest 2 with Digital Control Unit and Traffic light
Sound Level Meter Engineering Extension Activity with LabQuest 2

Our Digital Control Unit is a nifty little controller that allows you to operate simple electronic devices, such as LEDs and buzzers, in response to data from your Vernier sensors. Want an LED to light up when your titration is finished? With a few simple steps, the DCU can do that. Need a sound-level-controlled stoplight? The DCU can do that, too! In addition to these projects, you can find a variety of DCU projects with our engineering extensions for science classrooms.

The latest update to LabQuest 2 includes support for the DCU; you are no longer tethered to a computer running Logger Pro. If you want to move your sound-level-controlled stoplight closer to the talkative corner of your classroom, the size and mobility of LabQuest 2 makes it easy.

The Digital Out controls in LabQuest App 2.7 can be accessed from the Sensors menu on the Meter screen. Just as in the Logger Pro Digital Out dialog, you can test your output devices, configure them to activate in response to sensor data, and specify when to start activation.

LabQuest 2 Screenshot
Digital Out screen on LabQuest App 2.7

If you already use Vernier sensors in your classroom, the DCU allows you to put them to new use by adding engineering activities to your curriculum. With the release of LabQuest App 2.7, the DCU becomes even more useful.

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