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Extra Mass Tray on Thingiverse
From our Thingiverse page: an extra mass tray for a DTS cart

Vernier now has a Thingiverse page! Thingiverse is an online repository to collect and share 3D-printable designs. On our page, you’ll find a variety of designs you can print to use with your Vernier sensors and equipment. For instance, you’ll find an extra mass tray for our Standard Cart for the Dynamics Cart and Track System, a widget that centers a burette above a Vernier Drop Counter, and the wind turbine nose cones used in the Spring 2016 Caliper article “Can Adding a Nose Cone Improve Turbine Efficiency?” Find these designs and more at Thingiverse.

Do you have a 3D design for an accessory to Vernier equipment you would like to share? You can tag your file on Thingiverse with VernierST or email us at

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