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Scratch and Go!

Screenshot of Scratch with Go!Motion
Connect your Scratch project to the real world using our Go!Temp or Go!Motion sensors

Scratch is a free, browser-based programming language supported by an active community of millions of users that is designed for students ages 8 to 16. Students can use Scratch to design music videos, animations, and video games while learning the fundamentals of coding. Scratch encourages you to share your work and “remix” others’ projects to create something new.

We recently collaborated with the Scratch Foundation to create an extension that allows you to bring real world Go!Temp and Go!Motion data into your Scratch project. You can have a sprite move in response to the position data from a Go!Motion or change costumes (appearance) when the temperature measured by the Go!Temp increases. Our extension adds a new way to interact with your code.

Christian Rodegerdts, a science teacher at Lake Oswego Junior High in Oregon, shared the extension with his extracurricular STEM club. His students produced a variety of cool projects that used the Go!Temp, including a “love meter” that measured the user’s temperature and then rated him/her on a love scale accordingly—as if romantic relationships in junior high aren’t complicated enough!

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