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Free Tech Tip Videos to Enhance AP* Chemistry

Vernier is committed to providing educators with resources for successfully using our technology. Our free Video Training Library includes introductory and advanced Tech Tip videos featuring experiments and product demonstrations. Many of these videos provide instructions for experiments from Vernier lab books that can supplement your student instructions.

The Video Training Library contains several videos appropriate for AP Chemistry. These videos provide guidance for you and your students whether you’re using Logger Pro or LabQuest App. For example, you can pair the “Investigating Food Dyes in Sports Beverages” experiment from the Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry lab book with the Tech Tip video, Determine the Amount of Dye in a Sports Beverage.

An important part of this experiment is using units of percent transmittance (%T) instead of absorbance, which allows students to discover the relationship between the concentration of a solution and the amount of light transmitted through the solution. The information in this video can help you and your students understand the operating procedure for the SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer. Our expert chemist explains the steps to set up the spectrophotometer and how to change the units from Absorbance to %T. The video also demonstrates how to calibrate with DI water and collect a full wavelength spectrum. Students can apply this information when designing their inquiry investigation for determining the concentration of an FD&C food dye in a sports beverage. Do you have suggestions for our Video Training Library? Email us at

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