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Logger Pro Power User Features

Expand your use of Logger Pro by exploring some features of the software that deserve more attention.

  1. Use the current version of Logger Pro. Updates are free; the best way to get them is to log into your account.
  2. Choose Text Annotation from the Insert menu to annotate your graphs. Insert extra arrows as needed, or hide the floating box border. You can make text bold or italic. You can also insert Greek characters, change font size, and add sub/superscripts.
  3. Insert photos of your experimental apparatus into the Logger Pro experiment file. Or, insert videos of your experiment and sync your data to the video. See the Insert menu for commands.
  4. Show or hide uncertainties in fitted parameters for your curve fits. After adding a curve fit, double-click the fit information box to make adjustments.
  5. Use an appropriate number of points for derivative calculations by choosing Settings For (filename)… from the File menu. Appropriate use of this setting is critical for good Motion Detector velocity data—use bigger numbers for more smoothing and smaller numbers for more detail.
  6. When using the Video Analysis feature, sometimes your points don’t get placed correctly. If this happens, you can nudge the point. Click the Select Point button, and select the point you want to alter. Drag or use the cursor keys to move the point.
  7. Start video analysis in Video Physics for iOS app and finish in Logger Pro. After recording a video of an experiment on your iOS device, you can perform basic video analysis in our Video Physics app. Then, take advantage of the advanced video analysis features of Logger Pro by emailing the video and analysis to yourself as a Logger Pro file and video.
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