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Vernier Celebrates 35 Years

Founded by a Science Teacher, Vernier Puts Teacher Support and Student Learning First

Simultaneous graphs of the normal force and friction force plus a graph of the calculated coefficient of kinetic friction

Just after graduating from Ohio State University, Dave Vernier took a job as a high school physics and physical science teacher in Cleveland’s inner city. His biggest challenge was keeping his students engaged in science. He found that he could hold their attention through a combination of daily demonstrations and highly creative, interactive labs.

Today, Dave’s years in the classroom continue to guide the development of all Vernier technology. Dave and Christine, his wife and co-founder of the company, remain mindful of the unique needs of educators. Curriculum and products, including data-collection software, sensors, and interfaces that are dynamic and relevant for students, yet are easy for teachers to use, are developed with teachers’ needs in mind. Now, Christine and Dave are joined by more than 100 employees, many of whom are former teachers and professors, who talk with educators everyday and use that feedback to guide the company. Discover more about our commitment to science educators »

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