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Visualize Learning in Real Time

Martin Horejsi of NSTA Recommends provides helpful tips for teaching students to visualize data in his article, “Learning Visualized with the Vernier Go Direct® Hand Dynamometer.” Martin instructs students to first draw a prediction and then offers students the opportunity to trace the prediction by squeezing a Go Direct Hand Dynamometer, which measures grip strength. The force of the student’s grip is displayed in real-time in Graphical Analysis 4 on their device.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 National KidWind Challenge!

As part of their commitment to STEM education and hands-on learning, Vernier sponsored this year’s National KidWind Challenge in which teams of students test the energy output of wind turbines they designed and built. This event strengthens students’ critical thinking skills by introducing them to renewable energy solutions with real-world applications.

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