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Investigating Periodic Trends

For years, Jackie has been having her students graph the physical properties of the elements versus atomic number to look for patterns related to period and group. Jackie modified her activity to use LabQuest.

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Monitoring Temperatures in a Reptile Enclosure

Robert O’Connor, biology teacher at Kenmore East High School in Tonawanda, NY, worked with student, Michael Starr, to set up a reptile enclosure to house a black and white tegu.

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High CO2 Levels Putting You to Sleep?

Roland Stout, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, challenged his environmental chemistry class to find an interesting and environmentally significant carbon dioxide source or sink and to verify their findings using a CO2 sensor.

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Drop Counter as Fraction Collector

Although the Drop Counter was developed to record drops during titration, attaching the Luer-lock stopcock to the outlet of a chromatography column adapts it for use as an inexpensive fraction collector for column chromatography.

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Force Plate Used to Test Wing Spar

Ron Bowerman knows how to motivate students—competition. In his physics class, students compete for a simulated high stakes contract with an airline. Physics and engineering skills are put to the test as students work in engineering teams that try to design the lightest and strongest wing spar for an airplane.

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Balloon Launch Uses Vernier Technology

The FIRST LEGO® League Team from Reston, VA recently took part in the High Altitude LEGO Extravaganza (HALE) balloon launch. Their payload included a LEGO NXT Robotics System with a Vernier NXT Adapter and two Vernier sensors—a UVB Sensor and a Surface Temperature Sensor.

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Studying Acceleration at Amusement Parks

Richard DeLombard of NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has come up with a unique way to get students to analyze acceleration graphs from amusement park rides.

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Anscombe’s Quartet

Have you ever wondered about how much outlier points influence the curve fits you do in software like Logger Pro? Or, how much you can rely on measures like the slope uncertainty or the correlation coefficient as a judge of how good a line fits your data?

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Vernier Used Around the GLOBE

Is the heat given off by 500 people enough to change the temperature inside a large auditorium? How does the temperature and salinity of a tide pool compare to that of the nearby ocean water? These were just two of the questions posed to about 250 students from 52 countries who gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, this summer for the GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE). And of course, Vernier equipment was used to investigate the answers to those questions.

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Activities for Vernier Solar Power

From our solar dashboard, you can see a live camera view of the roof solar panels, our weather station data, and a live display of the power production of the panels. There are also tables and graphs you can use to investigate the energy production of the panels over time. It is our hope that you will be able to use this information to facilitate the study of solar energy production with your students.

You can download the background information, complete with data and sample questions from our Solar Dashboard »

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