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Balloon Launch Uses Vernier Technology

The FIRST LEGO® League Team from Reston, VA recently took part in the High Altitude LEGO Extravaganza (HALE) balloon launch. Their payload included a LEGO NXT Robotics System with a Vernier NXT Adapter and two Vernier sensors—a UVB Sensor and a Surface Temperature Sensor.

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Activities for Vernier Solar Power

From our solar dashboard, you can see a live camera view of the roof solar panels, our weather station data, and a live display of the power production of the panels. There are also tables and graphs you can use to investigate the energy production of the panels over time. It is our hope that you will be able to use this information to facilitate the study of solar energy production with your students.

You can download the background information, complete with data and sample questions from our Solar Dashboard »

Measuring Motor Speed

Brian Lamore, physics teacher at the Chinquapin School, Highlands, Texas, has his students build a “Beakman’s” Motor to study electromagnetic induction. This simple motor can be built in a single class period and the activity is always a favorite of his students. But nothing makes an activity more interesting than a little competition, so Brian challenges his students to build the motor that will spin the fastest.

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LabVIEW for High School

LabVIEW is a programming language used thoughout the engineering discipline in adademia and industry. We now have LabVIEW available for high schools at a special low price.

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LabVIEW for High School

New Activities for Engineering

Vernier Software & Technology continues to provide leadership on products and solutions for engineering educators. And now we are pleased to introduce a new website with a sole focus on engineering education.

We’ve made it easy to find products for a specific type of engineering and have over 30 engineering projects to start off.

Vernier Engineering Education »

New Activities for Engineering

NXT Sensor Adapter

Supercharge your LEGO NXT projects with the Vernier NXT Sensor Adapter. Now you can create NXT robotic projects using over 40 of our analog sensors, including accelerometers, pH, Current, UV, Gas Pressure, Soil Moisture, Voltage, and more!

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NXT Sensor Adapter

SensorDAQ Engineering Education Packages

Enhance your engineering courses with data-acquisition systems. Our new SensorDAQ engineering packages provides the interface and popular engineering sensors to create customize projects.

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Vernier and LEGO® Education

Vernier Software & Technology is excited to be a part of a collaboration with LEGO Education, National Instruments, Tufts University, and Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy.

We have been working with the LEGO NXT and Vernier sensors for several months and have a few sample movies to show the possibilities of this collaboration.

View descriptions and movies of our projects »

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Vernier SensorDAQ

Powered by National Instruments, the Vernier SensorDAQ is a multifunction, data-acquisition interface that can be used with over 50 Vernier sensors. USB connectivity, sensor auto-configuration, and a screw terminal connector are just the beginning for fast and easy setup of engineering projects.

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Vernier SensorDAQ
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