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Computers for Data Collection and Analysis

Students measure transpiration with Gas Pressure Sensor and LabQuest Mini

Computers and Vernier technology are a powerful combination to engage students with hands-on science using real-time graphing and analysis.

How It Works

  1. Students begin their experiment by connecting sensors to their computer through a sensor interface.
  2. Using Graphical Analysis 4 or Logger Pro 3 computer software, students set experiment parameters and start data collection.
  3. Real-time sensor data is shown in a graph, a meter, or a table to accommodate different learning styles.
  4. Students annotate their graph, perform curve fits, run calculations, and more.

What You Need

  1. Logger Pro

    Logger Pro 3

    Visualize and analyze sensor data with real-time graphing, powerful analysis tools, and video analysis. Logger Pro software is an incredible value with a site license for all computers in a school or college science department. Graphical Analysis 4 is a free app that facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data.

    Logger Pro 3 or Graphical Analysis 4

  2. LabQuest Mini

    LabQuest Mini

    LabQuest Mini brings the power of Vernier’s award-winning LabQuest technology to teachers who don’t need the versatility of a standalone device. The perfect solution for educators collecting data with a computer, LabQuest Mini interfaces with Logger Lite and Logger Pro software for unparalleled power, analysis, and curricular support. LabQuest Mini

  3. Vernier Sensors


    Vernier sensors are rugged, classroom-proven technology that are well supported and easy to use. Choose from over 80 sensors for your experiments.

    Compatible Sensors with LabQuest Mini

    Compatibility Notes

    1. Requires a Motion Detector Cable to connect to a DIG port on the interface
    2. Requires a BNC electrode
    3. Requires a Heart Rate Receiver to connect to an interface
    4. Requires an additional signal source, such as LabQuest 2 running the Power Amplifier app or a computer running the Power Amplifier Function Generator Software, to control the Power Amplifier output
    5. Requires a Gas Pressure Sensor
    6. Use with an electrode such as a pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, or ORP Sensor.
    7. Sensor does not auto-ID; manual setup is required.
  4. LabQuest 2

    Lab Books

    Save time integrating data-collection technology into your curriculum with over 400 well-tested, customizable experiments from Vernier lab books. They include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, and more. Each lab book includes a site license for your school. Lab Books

Outfit Your Lab

Choose a Package for Your Subject Area

Each package includes one interface and the sensors used in the subject’s lab book.

Sensor and Interface Packages

Customize Your Own Probeware Package

Create a personalized recommendation of curriculum, hardware, and software for your subject area.

Purchasing Guide

Additional Interfaces

In addition to LabQuest Mini, there are other interfaces that you can use with your computer. Watch our interfaces overview video or select an interface to learn more and see its list of compatible sensors.

Interface Comparison for Computers

LabQuest 2 LabQuest Stream LabQuest Mini Go!Link
LabQuest 2 LabQuest Stream LabQuest Mini Go!Link
Maximum Sampling Rate 100,000 samples per second 100,000 samples per second 200 samples per second
Compatible Vernier Sensors Over 80 Over 80 Over 65
Built-in Color Screen Yes No No
Wireless Connectivity Yes (Wi-Fi) Yes (Bluetooth® for Logger Pro only) No
Power Source Rechargeable battery or AC power Rechargeable battery, AC power or USB USB
Built-in Sensors GPS, Accelerometer, Temperature, Light, Microphone None None
Supports Multiple Sensors Simultaneously Yes (5 channels) Yes (5 channels) No (1 channel)
Field Work Yes With a notebook computer or a mobile device With a notebook computer
Data-collection Software
Price $329 $199 $69
LabQuest 2 LabQuest Stream LabQuest Mini Go!Link

Go Direct® Sensors

Consider Go Direct sensors if you prefer all-in-one sensors that do not require an interface. Graphical Analysis 4 works with all Go Direct sensors, which can be used either by USB connection or by a compatible wireless connection.
Go Direct Sensors »

USB Sensors

Plug either a Go!Temp or Go!Motion directly to your computer (no USB interface required) to collect and analyze temperature or motion data.

Wireless Data Sharing

Using Logger Pro and a computer interface provides wireless data logging with Vernier sensors for personalized, engaging, hands-on science.
Learn more about Wireless Data Sharing »

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