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BYOD for Data Collection and Analysis

Students with different phones receive data from a LabQuest 2

A Bring-Your-Own-Device Initiative empowers students to learn on the device that they are most comfortable with, and Data Sharing provides the perfect solution for students to collect, analyze, and share sensor data.

How It Works

  1. Students in a lab group set up an experiment with Vernier sensors and a Data Sharing source.
  2. Students use Graphical Analysis 4 to wirelessly start data collection. Data is streamed from the Data Sharing source to each students’ device.
  3. Each lab group member performs data analysis independently.
  4. Students take their data and analysis home on their respective device for further analysis and lab reports.

What You Need

  1. 1

    Graphical Analysis 4 App

    Transfer data to a Chromebook, mobile device, or computer running Graphical Analysis 4 for hands‑on, collaborative learning with individual accountability. Graphical Analysis 4 App

  2. LabQuest 2

    LabQuest 2

    LabQuest 2 is an interface used by students to collaboratively collect and stream sensor data for an experiment. Connect one or more sensors to LabQuest 2 and wirelessly share sensor data to every device in a lab group for real-time analysis and learning. LabQuest 2

  3. Vernier Sensors


    Vernier sensors are rugged, classroom-proven technology that are well supported and easy to use. Choose from over 80 sensors for your experiments. Sensors

  4. LabQuest 2

    Lab Books

    Save time integrating data-collection technology into your curriculum with over 400 well tested, customizable experiments from Vernier lab books. They include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, and more. Buy just one copy for your school. Lab Books

Outfit Your Lab

Choose a Package for Your Subject Area

Each package includes one LabQuest 2 and the sensors used in the subject’s lab book.

Sensor and Interface Packages

Customize Your Own Probeware Package

Create a personalized recommendation of curriculum, hardware, and software for your subject area.

Purchasing Guide

Use Your Existing Computers, Vernier Interfaces, and Sensors

Wirelessly share sensor data from your existing computers, interfaces, and sensors by enabling Data Sharing in Logger Pro 3.

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