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iPad® for Data Collection and Analysis with Full Sensor Support

Students gather force data on iPads

Using iPad® and LabQuest 2 or Logger Pro provides full support of over 80 Vernier sensors for personalized, engaging, hands-on science.

How It Works

LabQuest 2 streaming data to multiple iPads
  1. Students in a lab group set up an experiment with Vernier sensors and a Data Sharing source, such as a LabQuest 2 device or Logger Pro software.
  2. Each student wirelessly connects iPad to the Data Sharing source using the Graphical Analysis app.
  3. Sensor data are wirelessly streamed from the Data Sharing source to each student’s iPad.
  4. Each lab group member performs an analysis of the data on iPad in class or at home.

What You Need

  1. 1

    Graphical Analysis App

    Graphical Analysis allows students to wirelessly collect, analyze, and share sensor data. The unique touch interface is designed for iPad and provides a fluid, intuitive, and personal experience as individual students create and share data analysis. Graphical Analysis app

  2. Logger Pro

    Data Sharing Source

    The Data Sharing source allows students to collaboratively collect and wirelessly stream experiment data to every iPad in a lab group for personal, real-time analysis and learning.

    The Data Sharing source can be either a LabQuest 2 standalone device or a computer running Logger Pro software and a computer sensor interface. LabQuest 2 or Logger Pro with a computer sensor interface

  3. Vernier Sensors


    Vernier sensors are rugged, classroom-proven technology that are well supported and easy to use. Choose from over 80 sensors for experiments. Sensors

Experiment Ideas from Vernier Lab Books

LabQuest 2

Discover great experiments for hands-on science with Vernier lab books. The lab books do not include student instructions for use with Graphical Analysis, but still contains word-processing files to get you started, essential teacher information, and more. Buy just one copy for your school. Vernier lab books

Outfit Your Lab

Choose a Package for Your Subject Area

Each package includes one LabQuest 2 and the sensors used in the subject’s lab book.

Sensor and Interface Packages

Customize Your Own Probeware Package

Create a personalized recommendation of curriculum, hardware, and software for your subject area.

Purchasing Guide

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