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Compatible Interfaces with TI-Nspire™

Data collection with TI-Nspire technology is supported by three sensor interfaces: TI-Nspire Lab Cradle, Vernier EasyLink (for handhelds), and the Vernier Go!Link (for computers).

TI-Nspire Cradle TI-Nspire Lab Cradle $145 EasyLink EasyLink $67 Go!Link Go!Link $69
Supported TI-Nspire Platforms Handhelds, Computers Handhelds* Computers*
Maximum Sampling Rate 100,000 samples per second 200 samples per second
Compatible Vernier Sensors 58 50
Number of Channels 3 analog, 2 digital/sonic 1 analog
Support for Motion Detectors, Photogates, and other digital sensors Yes No
Internal data storage for standalone (remote) data collection Yes No
Supports Triggering Yes No
Rechargeable Battery Yes No batteries needed
Supports Multiple Sensors Yes No

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* Using both handhelds and computer software? Any of the USB interfaces or USB direct sensors can be used with a handheld or a computer with the appropriate USB adapter.

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