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TI-Nspire NAV Teacher Software Add-On

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Share the Navigator network without sharing a computer.

Extend the capabilities of your TI-Nspire Navigator system with the Teacher Software Add-on. This add-on allows you to share the Navigator network in more than one classroom without sharing the computer. Purchase one copy of the software for each additional computer you would want to use with the system. (Note: one single-user license of the software comes with your TI-Nspire Navigator system.)

This software can be used with TI-Nspire Navigator and CX Navigator systems and supports all TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS handhelds (CX, Touchpad, and Clickpad).

TI-Nspire Navigator Software Licenses

License Type License Term Order Code Price per seat
Single-User Perpetual TI-NAV-CXSW $680
Volume Perpetual TI-NAVNS-VP-ESW $335 (5 seat minimum)
School-Managed Perpetual TI-NAVNS-NP-ESW $335 (5 seat minimum)

Understanding the TI-Nspire Navigator Licensing Options

What are my license types?

License Type Description
Single-User License This option allows you to install and access the software on a single computer.
Volume License This option allows you to install and access the software on a fixed number of computers using a single activation code. The fixed number equals the number of licenses you purchase.
School-Managed License This option allows you to install the software on any computer with access to your school’s network. A License Service (server) distributes a fixed number of licenses to computers on the school network. Once a license is activated, the software can be used while connected to the network, or up to 30 days off-network. (Note: after 30 days, the computer must reconnect to the school’s network to continue use of the software.)
Free annual license extensions are required.

How do I know which license version of the software is best for me?

  • If you only need one or two additional licenses of the software, the Single-User license will be your least expensive option.
  • If you are purchasing three or more licenses of the software, the Volume or School-Managed Licenses will be your less expensive option, even with the five license minimum requirement.
  • If the computers do not have easy access to your school’s network, purchase the Volume or Single-User license types.
  • If the number of computers that need to have the software installed is more than the number of teachers using the software at any one time, the School-Managed license can be a less expensive option.

Ordering Information

Volume and School-Managed licenses are sent electronically from Texas Instruments. Email address required for purchase.

This product is discontinued and no longer available.

Support and Service

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