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Activity Based Physics HS CD

Activity Based Physics High School CD has been replaced by Activity Based Physics High School e-dition.


Select portions of the RealTime Physics, Workshop Physics, and Tools for Scientific Thinking curricula have been adapted for high school use. These student-centered materials have been created as part of the Activity Based Physics, NSF-sponsored, High School Institute program (Grant No. ESI-9819626).

The Activity Based Physics High School CD uses Vernier interfaces and Logger Pro software to allow students to learn about topics in mechanics, thermal physics, electricity, magnetism, wave motion, sound, and nuclear radiation with hands-on activities.

The design of student activities is based on the outcomes of physics education research. Interactive Lecture Demonstration worksheets, assessment examinations, sample homework assignments, video materials, and teacher guides supplement the curricular materials. Purchase of a CD includes a 5-year license that allows teachers to reprint or modify materials for distribution to students at their school.

The Activity Based Physics CD includes

  • Curricular Materials
  • Logger Pro Experiment Files
  • QuickTime Movies w/VideoPoint Lite
  • Instructor Materials

Ordering Information

This product is discontinued and no longer available.

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