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Investigating Biology through Inquiry 4th Edition Release Notes

Printed Lab Book

Current version 4th edition, 2nd printing
Released February 2019
ISBN 978-1-948008-04-4

Electronic Resources

Current version 4.2.0
Released February 2019


Supported SoftwareExperiments
Graphical Analysis 41–3, 6A, 6B, 9–11, 13, 15–19, 21, 22 (all except those that use spectrophotometers)
Spectral Analysis4, 5, 6C, 7, 8, 12, 14, and 20 (all those that use spectrophotometers)
Logger ProAll
LabQuest AppAll

Release Notes

4.2.0 (February 2019)

In the 2nd printing of the 4th edition of Investigating Biology through Inquiry, all student investigations and instructor information files have been revised. Updated versions of the 22 guided- and open-inquiry investigations are included in the Electronic Resources. If collecting data with Spectral Analysis app, Experiment 14 has been revised for the use a florescence spectrophotometer.

4.1.0 (November 2018)

We are excited to announce the initial release of the 4th edition of Investigating Biology through Inquiry. The printed book has an updated appearance with a new cover design and a flat binding rather than a coil. All investigations have been revised to provide support for collecting data with Go Direct sensors and Graphical Analysis 4 app or Spectral Analysis app. Guided- and open-inquiry versions of all 22 investigations are included in the Electronic Resources.

Two new versions of investigations have also been added to the book for this edition. If using spectrophotometers, you will find a new version of Investigation 6, "Testing Enzyme Activity." Investigation 10, "Sugar Metabolism with Yeast" can now be performed with an ethanol sensor.

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