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Science with TI-Nspire™ Technology

33 data-collection experiments in Earth/environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics for use with TI-Nspire handhelds and software.


We have taken 33 of our most popular laboratory activities and modified them for use with TI-Nspire handhelds and computer software. Science with TI-Nspire Technology includes experiments for Earth/environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Editable versions of the activities are available on the CD included with the book. Activities support data collection with the TI-Nspire Lab Cradle and Vernier EasyLink sensor interfaces.

Included with Science with TI-Nspire Technology

  • Essential teacher information.
  • 33 experiments in Earth/environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • A generous site license. Buy one book and duplicate labs for your class.
  • Microsoft® Word® files for all experiments and teacher files on CD. Easily modify these files to meet your personal teaching style.

Features listed above are only available when you purchase the lab book. The downloadable evaluation PDFs include student instructions only.


Select an experiment below to view an overview, objectives, necessary probeware, and standards correlations.

1AIntro to Data Collection with TI-Nspire Handheld
1BIntroduction to Data Collection
2Exploring Magnetism
3Where IS North?
4Soil Temperature
5Watershed Testing
6Reflection and Absorption of Light
7Dew Point
8Seasons and Angle of Insolation
9Acids and Bases
10Diffusion through Membranes
11Conducting Solutions
12Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity
14Cell Respiration (CO2)
15Interdependence of Plants and Animals
16Heart Rate and Physical Fitness
17Ventilation and Heart Rate
18Freezing and Melting of Water
19Boyle's Law: Pressure-Volume Relationship in Gases
20Evaporation and Intermolecular Attractions
21Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer's Law
22Properties of Solutions: Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes
23Conductivity of Solutions: The Effect of Concentration
24Additivity of Heats of Reaction: Hess's Law
25Acid Rain
26Graph Matching
27Ball Toss
28Newton's Second Law
29Static and Kinetic Friction
30Simple Harmonic Motion
32Sound Waves and Beats
33Speed of Sound
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
Magnetic Field Sensor

Magnetic Field Sensor (2)

Go Direct<sup>®</sup> Conductivity Probe
Go Direct<sup>®</sup> Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Go Direct® Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe (2)

Go Direct<sup>®</sup> pH Sensor
Go Direct<sup>®</sup> Temperature Probe
Conductivity Probe
Vernier Optical DO Probe
pH Sensor
Light Sensor
Go Direct<sup>®</sup> Gas Pressure Sensor
Gas Pressure Sensor
Biology ProScope HR Kit

Biology ProScope HR Kit (1)

Go Direct<sup>®</sup> CO<sub>2</sub> Gas Sensor

Go Direct® CO2 Gas Sensor (1)

CO<sub>2</sub> Gas Sensor

CO2 Gas Sensor (1)

Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
Go Direct<sup>®</sup> Colorimeter
Go Direct<sup>®</sup> SpectroVis<sup>®</sup> Plus Spectrophotometer

Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer (1)

Motion Detector
Dual-Range Force Sensor
Low-g Accelerometer

Low-g Accelerometer (1)

Dynamics Cart and Track System

Dynamics Cart and Track System (2)

Friction Pad
Springs Set
Differential Voltage Probe

Differential Voltage Probe (1)

Vernier Circuit Board 2

Vernier Circuit Board 2 (1)



National and State Standards Correlations

Meet your state and national curriculum standards with experiments from Science with TI-Nspire™ Technology. National and State Standard Correlations

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